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Febuary 2008 Newsletter 1300Kb PDF

November 2006 Newsletter 500Kb

Febuary 2005 Newsletter 1.04MB

January 2004 Newsletter 95kb

December2004 Newsletter 635KB

March 2003 Newsletter 133KB
The March newsletter has been reset to be easier to view on a 600X800 display.
It also had a copy of the ConFest poster, and a "center fold" of photos.
Check out the photos 400KBHERE Check out the poster HERE

December 2002 Newsletter 570KB

November 2002 Newsletter 200KB

October 2002 Newsletter 1MB

Febuary 2002 Newsletter 440KB

July 2001 Newsletter 3.1MB

August 1991 Newsletter PDF 2MB

August 1988 Newsletter no59 PDF 1.8MB

September 1983 Newsletter no37 PDF 2.4MB

Over the years, there have been a number of publications prepared for distribution at the ConFest gate.

ConFest 1996 Gate hand book 1.3MB printed A5

ConFest 1993-94 Gate hand book PDF 1.3MB printed A5

ConFest 1991 Gate hand book PDF 2.6MB printed A4

ConFest 1987 Gate hand book PDF 1.4MB printed A4

Collection of ConFest posters

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