Welcome to Easter ConFest (        )
on the gentle Gulpa Creek, near Deniliquin NSW
Site setup and preparation March 23rd to March 28th
Email folks@dte.org.au or call 9506 8753 if you are comming early to help.
Friday- March 29th to Tuesday- April 2nd,  2002
Site cleanup and restoration April 3rd to 7th April.
Check in at INFO if you are staying to help.
Five day festival, camping, relaxing, learning, laughing, being.

You, me, and DTE

ConFest covers a wide spectrum.
At one end of the spectrum Confest is a tribal, anarchistic, organic
gathering, and at the other end, a legal entity that interfaces with the broader community.
Down to Earth is a Co-operative incorperated in the State of Victoria. Most people know that Down To Earth is the place where the "flame" of ConFest flickers between Gatherings. DTE is the legal face of ConFest. Down To Earth has no paid staff, everyone involved, including the Directors, are unpaid volunteers.In todays world it would be virtually impossible to have ConFest without DTE.
Shire permits, leases on land, water permits, telephone accounts, vehicle hire or registration, finance, etc. are all managed by the Down To Earth Co-op.

A major problem that ConFest faces today is insurance. DTE and ConFest have been caught in the soaring increase in insurance costs. There have been several liability claims in the last decade. The major problem is ongoing availability of cover; not just the cost of cover.
We are covered for the next ConFest, but without suitable insurance cover in the future, DTE will  not be able to get leases and permits on land for ConFest. Many organisations have been forced to cease operating because they simply cannot get insurance cover. This is a sad fact of life in our increasingly litigious society.

In the past, DTE has tried to contain commerce in one area of ConFest known as the market. We have been advised by our insurers, that in order to reduce the risk on the Co-op, all market traders must have independent liability cover, this particularly applies to vendors of food. For a number of years our application form for a food stall in the ConFest market has required that the applicant indicate that they have liability insurance. We now must see proof of this. 

All of this places a great strain on the DTE people who work to keep the flame of ConFest burning brightly.  Please give them your support and understanding.      David Cruise

Respect other peoples right to a peaceful festival.
Abuse of drugs, alcohol and noise is not accepted at ConFest

T Getting to Confest q

By car  Confest  is 58 kms north of Echuca (Vic) and about
18 kms sth of Deniliquin and 15 kms nth of Mathoura. NSW
Follow the DTE signs from outside Deniliquin and Mathoura (see map)  Organise a car pool.
From Melbourne - 
Bus to Deniliquin        Phone. 136 196 for times.

From Brisbane and Sydney -
Bus and train              Phone  Country Link 132 232

The DTE bus will meet all  buses in Deniliquin to pick
you up.

Opening Ceremony
Friday 29th March

bring a candle
(or a torch if there's
a fire ban on)

  No Pets
  No discussion,
  No admittance

Important information for prospective Easter Market Stall holders

All stall holders must lodge a ConFest market application with DTE before the 14th March, 2002
To obtain and an application form write to
      DTE  PO Box 295  Brunswick East  3057

You must lodge the required application forms, prove that you have Public Liability insurance, and have DTE approval in writing before entering the ConFest site.
An approved application cannot be re assigned, shared or varied in ANY manner without written approval from DTE
DTE reserves the right to refuse any application without explaination.

Food stalls  Food type, menu, prices, handling, safety, storage and display, plus personal hygeine are all important when considering applications
Non- food Stalls . DTE accepts,    hand made,
Australian made,  recycling creativity,
and non-exploitative goods.

"Blanket sales"

To help small vendors there will be a new "Blanket sales" area in the Easter ConFest Market. You will be able to hire an "official ConFest blanket" from ConFest Information. "Blanket" sellers do not need to

Information tent is the place to find out what you can do to help; how things work and where available materials may be found. Extra toilet paper is usually at info, the massage tent and some in the market.
If you have have a problem or are unhappy
about something;  that the folks around you can't help solve, then pop into info and have a chat.

Lost and found is also here.
Generally DTE tries to find the owners for all the left behind stuff, so please write your details in the book at info to help us. After 2-3 months goods generally go to a charity for "recycling".

The workshop boards are there for you to use if you wish to run a workshop or to find out what, when, and where they are being held.

A Welcome space for  orientation and a cuppa stop will be set up this confest to give you a space to rest and check things out first.!

What to find at ConFest

Everything you do at confest is free!

Workshops, hot tubbing,  steam tenting, life drawing, mudbathing, body painting, swimming, floating down the river, drumming, relaxing, meditating, Spontaneous choiring, helping, performing, talking, discovering new
possibilities, playing music, being massaged, massaging relaxing, rejuvenating,

The only costs at ConFest are at the market stalls,
the yummy vego foods and the chai (spiced tea).
Remember that 2 hours of your time as a helper in the more official areas of organising eg. front gate, first aid, fire patrol, wood collecting for steam & hot tubs, workers kitchen; fixing pipes etc this is
all part of your ticket price.
Bring headphones only for radio music.
We do not have amplified music in this space.

ConFest is about empowerment,
self determination, individual and
group responsibility, making friends and
developing alternative living concepts.

"There are no strangers, only friends
you are yet to meet"

Bring as little as possible.
Some suggestions are:-

* sunblock, hats, mossie repellant,
* torches, warm clothes and rain shelter,
* your inner child and sense of humour
* water container, condoms, earplugs
* balls, twirling gear, juggling stuff.
* headphones for amplified music
* old shoes, musical instruments,
* your prescription medicine. 
* words for songs, craft stuff,
* ideas to share at workshops,
* kitchenwear and utensils -
* easy snack foods,
(just in case of fire ban)     
              minimal packaging

PLEASE  -  no disposables.

PS. Mobile phones don't work on site
unless you have a CDMA system.

Leave your phone, credit card and watch
at home and live differently for a change.

Everyone had a ball at the
ConFest Concert

Many thanks to Tony,
his helpers who built the stage on the beach
(amazing what star posts and hessian can do)
and to all the wonderful folks who sang, danced, told jokes, made music, told stories and just had fun.

This ConFest !!  Perhaps a play?
Perhaps another concert.?
Just bring your ideas and energy and find someone at information to chat to about it.
This is the spontaneous, fun, creative side of
ConFest that you make happen.
q  w

Fire Safety

Thanks to all the responsible campers who
coped so well with the summer fire bans.

Again make sure your fire is in a regulation fire drum pit, placed at the required clearance space from other objects such as trees, logs, roots and tents. Please ensure all litter surrounding the fire is swept away and a bucket of water is handy.

Remember it is the responsibility of
anyone lighting a fire in the bush to
have the means to put it out

Check at information for the
fire requirement details

Safe sex is important,

AND there was a comment made at the last ConFest that DTE should be providing condoms

Well that has made my blood boil.!!!!!

First Aid does keep a small supply; but fair suck
of the sav, what does this person want out of life.
The volunteers who find the property, organise leases, insurances, council permits, organise and print tickets, newsletters and then get up to the site and put in all the plumbing  (miles and miles of pipe and fittings) beaches, plan and build roads, slash combustable grasses, build dunnies, put up signs,
order and keep tabs on tools, machinery, toilet paper, food, first-aid etc,etc fill in a mile of paper-work
for cheques and receipts and GST, and you want us to hold your hand and order your condoms.
Get off your arse. Contact your local Prostites
Collective, or sexual health group, Aids Council
or one of those places that may have free condoms available to share around to promote safe sex
BUT DONT expect "mum & dad" (DTE) to look after you here. If you're big enough to be bonking then your big enough to take responsibility AND do something for your brothers and sisters at ConFest and bring the bloody things to share out yourself.
Remember - we all help create ConFest,
contribute where you can. Little things such as
you organising the condoms help make the whole a better place for all and shares the work and ideas.

To contact us        Down to Earth Co-operative
          P.O.Box 295
          Brunswick East
          Vic.      3057

or  email        folks@dte.org.au
or  phone us          03  9506 8753

To rubbish or not to rubbish,

Tis nobler not to rubbish and if you do, to squish it tiny, tiny, tiny, so that big skips don't get full and fuel guzzling trucks don't have to drive in and out, in and out until they've got all your crap. Think how what you buy is packaged and what's in it! Maybe you shouldn't buy/bring it. It is possible to camp and eat for a number of days without having a big puffy bag full of consumer capitalism crap at the end of it.
I know because I do it every ConFest. 

Tip from ConFest helpers
Burn your paper as fire starters, put food scraps, any other compostables in the pits provided and take the rest home with you; This means all to way to your own rubbish tin or recycle at your home town. It isn't responsible for us to leave great mounds of rubbish to fill up a small country communities tip space.

* Please don't bring glass containers or bottles to ConFest

Moama Lions Club
are again helping us
with the recycling of CRUSHED CANS,
Collection areas will be near information.

      Thanks fellas

  to the many, many helpers who put in so much time, energy, skills and talent at last Summers ConFest.
You are the core of the specialness
that is ConFest.

Bigger and better INFO planned for Easter Confest
At last Summers ConFest Information had ice bread and milk for sale.This service was appreciated by many ConFesters.We are hoping to continue and even expand the range of items on supply. It may be possible to have tea, coffee, sugar, rice, flour, Chai ingredients, potatoes, cabbage, onions, pumpkin, tomatoes, etc.  We must thank the people who made it all work last time, and we may need evenmore helpers

Confab        at  Collingwood Leisure Centre, opposite Clifton Hill Rlwy Station (vic) Sunday 7-10pm  March 10th & 24th

Moving? - Remember to send your new address details or email changes.

Name_____________________________Old address details __________________________________________

New address details _____________________________________________________________

Shareholder No.__________ (if applicable)    email -----------------------------------------  Feb 2002

  Printed on paper made from sugar cane

Help look for a new Confest site
The land we seek and use is generally river frontage, flood prone land that regenerates well; We the need to move frequently to minimise the effect on young trees, grasses, wildlife and the soil where we bury compost and latrine waste for decomposition.

we need!   
100 acres plus of gently undulating and lightly treed land. reasonable road access.  Phone line access, shops, hospitals, etc  within reasonable distance. Accessable, safe, flowing water.

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