We have aquired a new site for ConFest

Every one was excited about the firecircles being the catalyst for the return to the villages we used to have.

Each fire circle has at least one "carport", a large blackboard, and number of half 44gallon drums for wood fires. The fire drums would need grids to support pots and pans.

There will also be a three burner gas stove at each firecircle. These stoves are fitted into 44 gallon drums to protect them from wind.
There is a photo of the prototype at the bottom of this page. Some firecircles will have gas barbiques

We have 20 stoves with regulators, hoses, and hire enough big gas bottles for the 20 stoves.
If you have some "preloved" cooking utensils, pots, pans, ETC, that could be used at the firecircles, please bring them along.

Fire circles will be found and marked out before ConFest

It would be good if you can find were you are likely to camp on the map and "adopt" a fire circle near you. We hope that each fire circle will have a group of people who join together to be the core of a village community.
If you find a fire circle you would like to support please send an email to:-

In the email, tell us if you would like to share your email address with other ConFesters who also will be at that circle.

You may like to suggest a name or a theme.