ConFest Radio There is an ongoing plan for ConFest radio to be on air again some time in the future.
The aim is to put to air the many sounds of ConFest,
    discussions, workshops, music, ConFest news, etc.
    live to air during ConFest.
You will be able to hear ConFest radio on an ordinary FM radio.
Bring your walkman style receiver, some spare batteries, and your earphones to listen without disturbing the neighbours. The plan is to be on air 24 hours a day.
Stuff that goes to air live during the day, may be repeated overnight.

Listen to some clips from the past.
We do not have "streaming audio" so you will have to "download" them to listen.
Try the small ones first. Just click on the link to start the download.

First sample is from a music workshop. There are two versions of the same clip.
First is a very compressed MP3, and the second is the "normal" MP3 compression

"celtic" music 446KB MP3

"celtic" music 2.4MB MP3

The next sample is a is a very compressed MP3 of some drumming.

drumming with "horn" 447KB MP3

The rest of the samples are spoken word.

Some thoughts on ConFest about 5 minutes 829KB MP3

A talk with John Flynn from GECO about 10 minutes 1.5MB MP3

Les talks about the workshop process at ConFest. about 20 minutes 2.4MB MP3

Lots of people will be needed too make this happen. If you would like to be involved, on air, with production, program planning, music co-ordination, talent scout, ConFest news, teck stuff, etc, etc,

If you have any suggestions,
some equipment that could be usefull,
or just can no wait to be get on air.

email me     David

Remember to bring your "walkman" radio to ConFest.