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ConFest Market 2023


7599 Pretty Pine Road, Moulamein, NSW


The Down To Earth Co-operative Market Committee

invites your application as a Craft Vendor at

Easter ConFest, Thursday 6 April - Tuesday 11 April 2023



Craft Vendors Terms & Conditions


Please read carefully, and if you can comply with these Terms & Conditions,

we welcome you to complete the online

2023 ConFest Market Craft Vendor Application Form linked.


1.     Craft Product


ConFest Market offers Commercial Craft, Made and Sold by Maker, and Not-For-Profit stalls, these are defined as follows:


1.1.   Commercial Craft
ie: Normal items that could be sold in any area of a commercial nature including clothing, art & craft, other merchandise.

1.2.   Made and Sold by Maker
ie: Any art & craft items 100% made by you and sold by you.

1.3.   Not-For-Profit
ie: Charitable and other organisations wishing to promote their cause.
Proof of not-for-profit or charity registration.


1.4.   ConFest does not offer a ‘healing’ market. All modalities of healing offered at ConFest, including spiritual/psychic readings, massage, body painting etc, are done so as an energy exchange or a contribution to the overall well-being of the Community.  Soliciting for and/or accepting donations for such services are considered sales and are therefore strictly banned. 



1.5.   Vendors must have marquees / structured stalls, no blanket sales are permissible.


1.6.   Down To Earth has a strict No Disposables policy. Disposable packaging, containers etc is not permitted



2.     Insurance


2.1.   All ConFest Market vendors must have Public & Product Liability Insurance of $20 Million as well as any other Insurance consider appropriate to cover Acts of God, to ensure Down To Earth and its Officers are fully indemnified against any loss incurred by you while you are on the ConFest Site.


2.2.   ConFest Market vendors must upload a Certificate of Currency covering the ConFest period with their online Application Form.



3.     Power 


3.1.   ConFest craft vendors are not permitted to have generators.
*An easy form of power can be derived from using a car battery and LED lighting.



4.     Health & Safety


4.1.   All measures must be taken to comply with the requirements of SafeWork NSW to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers and visitors at the event. refer; https://www.safework.nsw.gov.au/  .


4.2.   The ConFest Market operates in total compliance to the Down To Earth Co-operative Fire Safety Team, and vendors must follow any direction given by them on fire and general safety.  Failure to do so will result in being evicted from ConFest.



5.     Site Access


5.1   In addition to the market stall fee detailed in the ConFest Market Craft Vendor Application form following, vendors are required to purchase ConFest general admission tickets for all workers and accompanying persons they bring on site. General ticketing terms and conditions apply. 




5.2   ConFest Market vendors are expected to be open for trade by midday on Wednesday 5 April when gates open to the general public.


5.3   Craft vendors are permitted to bump-in onsite 1-day ahead of gates opening to public. Therefore food vendors will have ConFest Front Gate clearance from Tuesday 4 April, strictly between 9am and dusk.


5.4   Vendors will need to be onsite by no later than 5pm on Wednesday 5 April.




5.5   Vendors will not be able to disassemble marquees or other stall structures until am on Tuesday 11 April.


5.6   The earliest vendor vehicles can leave the site upon pack-down is at 9am on Tuesday 11 April, and all market vendors must be off site by dusk on this day.



Vehicle Stay Put Parking only


5.7   Craft vendors are permitted to have one vehicle parked immediately behind their craft stall which is in a ‘stay put’ zone.  Craft vendors needing to exit the site during the festival must be parked in the Come & Go Access Parking or car park.


Deliveries & Hire Transport


5.8   Email notification must be provided at least 1-day in advance of any marquee hire delivery or other transport hire company vehicles requiring access to the site for vendors’ set-up and/or pack down of a stall.  Email market@dte.org.au.



Pre-Allocated Stall Space


5.9      Market vendor stall space is pre-allocated within our market plan layout.  Accordingly, stalls will have a measured out and sign posted location prior to vendors arriving.  Vendors will not be permitted to change their location in the market plan. 



6       Rubbish Removal


6.5   The ConFest Market has a strict ‘Leave No Trace’ policy.  All vendors are responsible for the removal of all their rubbish from the ConFest site. 


7       Stall Fees


Stall Fees are all inclusive of a minimum 6 days trading, as per bump-in and bump-out times specified in the ConFest Market Terms & Conditions. 


The following prices are stall fees only.  Vendors are required to purchase ConFest general admission tickets for all workers and accompanying persons they are bring on site. Stall fees will be invoiced to successful applicants, with details of ticket purchase to follow.


Commercial Craft:                   $350 for initial 3 metre stall frontage… metres plus $250 for an extra 3 metre frontage


Made & Sold by Maker:        $70 for initial 3 metre stall frontage plus $30 for an extra 3 metre frontage


Not-For-Profit:                         $20 for 3 metre stall frontage


Prices include GST



8       Application


8.5        Application to be a craft vendor at the ConFest Market is strictly via the online ConFest Market Craft Vendor Application form at confest.org.au.  No other form of application will be accepted.


8.6        The online ConFest Market Craft Vendor Application form must be completed fully to be considered. 


8.7        Any vendors who fail to abide by these Terms & Conditions, will be evicted from ConFest immediately, and applications for stalls at future ConFest gatherings will not be considered.


8.8        Applications close 5pm Friday 25 November.  All applicants will be advised of the result of their application by Monday 18 December 2022



9       Selection Criteria


ConFest Market Craft Vendors are selected by the ConFest Market Committee members.  Selection is made on various criteria including but not limited to; full completion of the online ConFest Market Craft Vendor Application form, compliance with the ConFest Market Terms & Conditions, the mix and variety of stalls, past participation and performance at ConFest Market, and an alignment with the spirit of ConFest.



10    Complaints Handling


10.5   Vendors that have any issues or feel they have been treated unfairly can write to market@dte.org.au. All issues and complaints raised will be reviewed by the ConFest Market Committee, and a written response provided within 31-days.


10.6   Any queries regarding the Terms & Conditions, please contact Corinne at market@dte.org.au or phone 0417 112 142