The Annual General Meeting of the Down To Earth (Victoria) Co-operative Society  Ltd will be held at 7.30 PM.on Thursday 2rd November, 2006
(financial year, 2005-2006)   Location:    "Ceres" 8 Lee Street. Brunswick, 3057.


  • Opening of meeting.

  • Minutes of last meeting.

  • Presentation of reports.

  • Business on notice

  • Thanks to Directors.

  • Election of Directors.

A copy of the financial statements and the minutes from the last AGM (3-11-05) are available at meetings and also at our registered office:- Tregear Bain Taplin, Suite 3, 43 Railway Road, Blackburn. 3130
If you wish to inspect them at the registered office, please ring 9877 6211 for an appointment.

Motions for the Annual General Meeting Thursday 2nd November, 2006

  1. That the ConFab Committee be allocated up to $15,000 for the running of ConFab 2006/7.
  2. That an administration budget of up to $40,000 be allocated for  such costs as rent, insurance, tax,
      accounting, auditor, phone, stationary, legal costs, postage, petty cash, suppers, office equipment,
      trademarks, emergency. etc.
  3. That the Board is authorised to pay GST and company tax if required.

There are four positions on the Board to be filled at this AGM.
The seven candidates standing for election are detailed below and on the other side of this notice

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